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Bioself is a small portable electronic device, composed of a probe to record your temperature, three indicator lights that tell you your daily level of fertility, a red push button to record the beginning of your period, a black push button to access to you lastly recorded temperatures and a liquid crystal display which lets your read your temperature everyday.

Every serious natural method of contraception & conception begins with an appropriate temperature processing:
Bioself: the most reliable and most convenient fertility computer according to a recent German compared study (Neue Technologien in der Familienplanung, Dr. E. Raith-Paula, Köln, info@symptotherm.ch);
Bioself: A high tech Swiss product launched in 1986 already, improved ever since and which processes also the statistics of your cycle lengths;
Bioself: is recommended by Germen and Swiss gynecologists who care about Fertility Awareness Method (FAM);

Kit includes:
  • 1x Bioself® 
  • 3 alkaline 1.5V batteries, AAA/LRO3 standard
  • warranty 
  • instruction in eng. language.
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