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If you want to prevent pregnancy naturally without subjecting your body to artificial methods, or if you want to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant, the fertility computer is perfect for you. Lady-Comp is the intelligent fertility monitor — a next-generation computer that learns, analyzes and indicates ovulation with 99.3% accuracy free of hormones and side-effects.

Lady-Comp is very easy to use. Based on your morning temperature, taken orally, the fertility computer determines your fertile days and shows when you are ovulating by recording, analyzing and storing your menstrual cycle data.
It monitors your daily status of fertility and will alert you on the days when intercourse may lead to pregnancy:
on the day you ovulate – and the five days before ovulation.

Lady-Comp can be used for natural pregnancy control but also serves to achieve pregnancy. The Lady-Comp can be upgraded with a special planning software. If you choose Lady-Comp first but then want to become pregnant later, you can upgrade your fertility monitor with the Lady-Comp.


 The fertility computer takes your basal body temperature (BBT) every morning when you wake up with the most advanced temperature sensor (1/100 degrees accurate). It then automatically compares it with its bio-mathematical forecasting software and stored information of all available family planning research. It also automatically compares it to hundreds of thousands of cycles of other women to accurately determine, analyze and display your individual cycle. This is why the intelligent fertility computer is one of the most effective fertility monitors in the world. It is 99.3% effective right from the start. A Pearl Index of 0.7 means that this 100-percent natural method is 99.3 percent safe and effective.

What is the Pearl Index? The Pearl-Index determines effectiveness …
In the medical field, the Pearl Index is used to report the effectiveness of a certain birth control method. As an example: if 100 women use a particular birth control method for one year and one woman becomes pregnant, the Pearl Index of this method is 1.0. Birth control pills have a Pearl Index between 0.1 and 0.9, diaphragms range from 1 to 3. With a Pearl Index of 0.7, the fertility computers of Valley Electronics are the leader in natural pregnancy prevention and family planning.

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